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Posted in Biology, books, Physics, Science by e1saman on August 28, 2010

If you don’t like popular science books, please skip this post!  We love the attempts that some scientist do to explain difficult scientific issues to the public. Somehow it reflects how deep they understand the issues.

In the following link you will find the Royal Society Prizes for Science Books for 2009; The great and the (quite) good: best books of 2009 If you are interested on previous year winners check here.

If you are interested on “unofficial” lists here are some;

And finally a list of books that we’d like to order;

1.  Science: a four thousand year history; It sounds promising, as it tries to cover the history of all science with special reference to the social background of each discovery.  Nothing better then understand the person behind the “hero”.

2. Economyths; Because we love critique and especially on Economics!

3. In search of Scrödinger’s cat . Not in the previous lists, but we love everything that has to do with quantum physics and its history.


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