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<html><h4><a href="">Quantum Mechanics of a Blu-ray Player</a></h4><blockquote>Most of us are unaware of how much we depend on quantum mechanics on a day-to-day basis. Dr. James Kakalios is a physics professor at the University of Minnesota and a science adviser for movies like Watchmen. …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href=""> –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">The Real Key To Manifest Wealth | Everything You Need To Know …</a></h4><blockquote>This law is not a new age claim and is not a recent discovery, it has been a proven theory of physics. This law came to existence in 1920s and is based on the work of the quantum physics pioneer Mr Nils Bohr. Dr. Bohr has challenged the …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">Everything You Need To Know About Anything –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">Carl Sagan ‘A Glorious Dawn’ ft Stephen Hawking (Symphony of …</a></h4><blockquote>Since every chemical reaction follows rules laid out by quantum mechanics, chemistry, therefore, is just applied physics. Physics is just an attempt to portray the universe in a mathematical framework, so it is just applied mathematics, …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">411town.com</a><p></p><h4><a href="">Cancer My Love Story | To Our Greater Destiny! Blog</a></h4><blockquote>This entry was posted in Authentic Love and Truth, Courage, Divine Destiny, Perturbation, Quantum Physics and tagged EVOLution, Liberation, SOULutions, Unity Consciousness. Bookmark the permalink. Belief Transformation. Nov 17.10 …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">To Our Greater Destiny! Blog –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">Samuli Kemppi Quantum Mechanics | G R O O V E A R</a></h4><blockquote>Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics Artist : Samuli Kemppi Title : Quantum Mechanics EP Genre : Techno Label : Mote Evolver Quality : 320kbps avg / 44.1KHz / Joint Stereo 1. Samuli Kemppi – Quantum Mechanics (Quantum Physics) 6:10 2.</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">GROOVEAR –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">Scientists fix major quantum computing problem – How to work when …</a></h4><blockquote>Scientists fix major quantum computing problem. How to work when three-quarters of your computer is not there. 15 Nov 2010 07:48 | by Nick Farrell in Rome | posted in Science. 1 Comment; Bookmark and Share … He said that the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle in quantum mechanics means that if you measure a quantum state, you change it. So the idea is to look at the initial state of entangled qubits and measure them in an order defined by what a user wanted to achieve. …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">TechEye – Latest technology headlines –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">symmetry breaking Blog Archive People in physics: George …</a></h4><blockquote>You’re now able to make a connection between the theories of general relativity, which apply to space and time, and quantum mechanics, Redlinger said. That’s the Holy Grail of modern physics. Supersymmetry posits that all particles have a superpartner related … There’s a chance that we’ll be lucky, he said. We’ve already collected a huge amount of data and we’re working furiously. Daisy Yuhas. Guest author. Posted in People in Particle Physics | No Comments …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">symmetry breaking –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">How to Philosophize About the Business and Bureaucracy of Science …</a></h4><blockquote>Graduate student at University of Pittsburgh History and Philosophy of Science Department, specializing in history and philosophy of chemistry, with sides of quantum mechanics, Leibniz, and analytic philosophy. Lover of chemical bonds and pedagogy. Equestrian. Fan of hula hoops and outdoor adventures. View all posts by Julia Bursten . This entry was posted in In the Spotlight. Bookmark the permalink. Does science hide in narrative? …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">The Bubble Chamber –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">Tracy Blog Archive Are Pure Energy</a></h4><blockquote>Quantum physics clearly demonstrates that energy, in one form or another, constitutes the most fundamental building blocks of the universe. To be even more precise, these building blocks, called quarks, or quanta, are actually the potential for a particular … Here’s the magic: every feeling fully felt shifts! In order for there to be healing, there must be feeling. We must move the energy so that our chakras (energy centers) stay clear and free-flowing. Posted in News …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">Tracy –</a><p></p><h4><a href="">Obama Bestows Science, Technology Medals | KING.NET</a></h4><blockquote>Recipients of the National Medal of Science are: _Yakir Aharonov, Chapman University, Calif., for contributions to the foundations of quantum physics. _Stephen J. Benkovic, Pennsylvania State University, for research contributions in …</blockquote><small>from</small> <a style="font-size: 8pt;" href="">KING.NET</a><p></p></html>

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The father of fractals, Benoit Mandelbrot, is dead

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Benoit MandelbrotThe mathematician Benoît Mandelbrot who developed the geometrical shapes, fractal, died at the age of 85 years.

The French and American nationality, Mandelbrot, named and developed the fractal theory as a mathematical way to capture the infinite complexity of nature.

Fractals are used for measuring natural phenomena, that were regarded as non-measurable, such as clouds or coastlines. These discoveries have applications in many fields such as geology, medicine, astronomy, mechanical engineering, but also economics and anatomy.

According to his family, Benoît Mandelbrot died in Cambridge, Massachusetts from pancreatic cancer.

French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a statement paid tribute to the great mathematician, “a strong spirit, authentic, never hesitated to make innovations and to fight against established views.

Benoît Mandelbrot was born in Warsaw on November 20, 1924, in a Jewish family of Lithuanian origin. To escape the Nazi threat fled to France with his family, and then moved to the United States after the Second World War.

A very good video about fractals and Mandelbrot


“He Gave Us Order Out of Chaos” — R.I.P. Benoît Mandelbrot, 1924-2010

Benoit Mandelbrot on Risk, Efficient Markets, and Bachelier


Benoit Mandelbrot: Fractals and the art of roughness

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Is science going through a critical stage?

Solvey Conference

This is an old paper by Luigi Foschini about the problem of interpretation of quantum physics which has raised a discussion about the effectiveness of science and its limits;

Is Science going through a critical stage?

The unexpected discoveries at the beginning of the century, particularly thanks to Heisenberg, Bohr, and Godel, has driven the science to drastic changes, opening new, extraordinary, and infinite research fields. After this, many scientists saw, and still today see, a crisis, with dreadful meaning, in the science. However, this crisis is only present in that type of science, driven by determinism, which is strictly linked to the common sense.

In this paper the author answers the question of the title negatively; Science and specifically physics is not in crisis,what happens is that for the first time quantum physics forces us to face the “hypotheses of effectiveness” of every theory in physics that consists of excluding factors of the problem in order to make it simpler and thus available to study;

How many times one has supposed it ideal (rigid bodies, geometrical bodies, material points). How many times one supposes that the resistance of an electric device is negligible? How many times is friction considered negligible? And taking into consideration the two-bodies problem, one forgets the interactions among the bodies of the universe, isn’t it? Physics and engineering are permeated with hypothesis of this kind, without which we could not adventure in building models or formulating theories. The more or less indirect consequences for engineering are constituted by the introduction of the safety factor, by the concept of reliability of devices; in physics we speak about the experimental errors, the domain of validity of a theory and so on.With all these hypotheses, how could one say what is the nature? This is nota mere philosophical speculation, a sophism, a formal problem.

What is in crisis is the old deterministic view that we can complete science in the way that it can describe everything. That is has not happened in physics (” the unified theory of everything”) but -most important-  cannot  happen with the formal language of physics; mathematics.

However, one is not allowed to think that mathematics is the last hope for Determinism. As a matter of fact the analogous of the principles of indeterminacy for mathematics was expressed by Kurt G ̈del in 1931 [7]. In his article, he stated the impossibility to realize the hilbertian program: in 1900, during the Second International  Congress of Mathematicians in Paris, David Hilbert introduced a list of 23 problems which covered the most different fields of mathematics [10]. Among these, point 2, relative to the demonstration of non-contradiction of arithmetics, deserves a particular attention. From Hilbert’s viewpoint all mathematical theories should have been reduced to formal systems: then this would have been enough to demonstrate the non-contradiction. In 1930, G ̈del wrote an article, which was published one year later where he demonstrated that this was not possible. As a matter of facts, within a sytem like that expressed by Bertrand Russell and Alfred N. Whitehead in the Principia Mathematica it is possible to express propositions which are not decidable within the system’s axioms. One can view this as the impossibility of defining each concept through a unique and defined linguistic universe.

Crisis is not something to fear of -as the title of the blog you are reading suggests also;

Using the term ‘crisis’ they suggest something dreadful, that will lead to the very end of science. Some scientists think that this crisis is already operating and it is the result of the principles up to now discussed, others think it will come along with the Great Unified Theory. Nevertheless, the word ‘crisis’ shows no dreadful meanings: it derives from the Greek κρισις, which in turn is linked to κρινω, which means ‘to divide’ and metaphorically ‘to decide’ 2 . It were the Greeks the first to introduce the process of analysis as a division of a thesis in propositions, leading more easily to truth. If, within a theory, we separate or, better, underline, some essential laws we could then consider them as principles for a new theory.


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Blogs on quantum physics philosophy, update

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New addition to the list of blogs that are realted to quantum physics philosophy;

The Event Horizon

After Bohr, physics is no more the study of the essence of things, but of the relationships among them

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