Sir Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon (1561–1626) has been considered to be the father of modern science. He was

Sir Francis Bacon What is Science

Sir Francis Bacon

anything but a scientist; philosopher, statesman, lawyer, jurist,  author and some believe that he was also an alchemist. Actually he was one of the first strong supporters of a social, spiritual and financial progress  that will be based on knowledge and discovery . This view is described in his book New Atlantis. For this purpose he needed to describe how knowledge and discovery can lead the way to progress, and for that reason he described a system that will help for the production of new knowledge; one of the first descriptions of a scientific method. His scientific method was based
in experiment and induction; a rational procedure that will establish causation between phenomena and will produce principals and theories that will try to explain the phenomena.

Later Isaac Newton tried to improve Bacon’s method with his four “rules of reasoning” in the Principia

Francis Bacon’s scientific method consists of a procedure to compile scientific results in a set of rules or principals which will try to describe all the identical phenomena to the ones under experiment. The step between experimental results and theories involves what we call reason; in order to decide on future events we use reason to study the past events and create a rule that will guide us to the future.  So for example, since the sun is rising every day, for the past thousand of years, therefore it is going to rise tomorrow. It’s easy to understand that this is a “tricky” point in the scientific procedure, it involves a little “guessing”.


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