Quantum computing marketing or true?

Posted in Change in Science, Computer Science, Physics, quantum physics theory, Science by e1saman on September 18, 2010
quantum computing propaganda

quantum computing propaganda?

There are a lot of publications recently, about quantum computing. Quantum computing is a catchy subject, but science is different than marketing. According to this post quantum PCs can be a reality in five years time from now.

MELBOURNE: A new type of silicon chip that works on light instead of electricity could lead to the first ultra-fast quantum computer within five years, say Brit scientists.
I was watching recently a presentation which I enjoyed very much (I hope that I can do a post specifically for that) and one of the key points was that it is very difficult to construct a general purpose quantum computer similar to the ones that we use now.
So, the question is;
is it true that we can really construct quantum computer of general purpose within a decade’s time or this is just another marketing propaganda about quantum computing industry?