Quantum computing marketing or true?

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quantum computing propaganda

quantum computing propaganda?

There are a lot of publications recently, about quantum computing. Quantum computing is a catchy subject, but science is different than marketing. According to this post quantum PCs can be a reality in five years time from now.

MELBOURNE: A new type of silicon chip that works on light instead of electricity could lead to the first ultra-fast quantum computer within five years, say Brit scientists.
I was watching recently a presentation which I enjoyed very much (I hope that I can do a post specifically for that) and one of the key points was that it is very difficult to construct a general purpose quantum computer similar to the ones that we use now.
So, the question is;
is it true that we can really construct quantum computer of general purpose within a decade’s time or this is just another marketing propaganda about quantum computing industry?

Funny facts about science

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If you like music countdowns here are some posts from new scientist (and some other sites)  in this fashion (of course not about music)

1. How many times have you said “I have thought of that idea also”? Guest what,  even if you publish the idea is not enough … you need also a little luck.

Zeros to heroes: 10 unlikely ideas that changed the world

2. This is a great one. This post enumerates the things that cannot make sense in science (mostly physics). If you want to be the next Einstein read ahead and solve the riddle.

13 things that do not make sense

3. This one is hilarious; how far can you go to test your theory?

Eight scientists who became their own guinea pigs

4.  I wish we had more lists like the following (failure is the the first step to success)

Top 10: Most Famous Scientific Theories (That Turned out to be Wrong)

6. And if you like to read about the people behind the stories;

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7. And last but not least, the dream of every physicist; Theories of everything (we love #3)

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